+ Auto Accidents.

Auto accidents can happen to anyone at anytime. And it is true, most of us panic when things go out of hand.

But do not worry, even when you need a good lawyer.

Totalcare ONE can provide you, not only with the top-quality treatment courses for any motor-vehicle involved accident as well as the right connection to a law firm that is closest to your location.

Because we know what to do when things go out of your hand, call us today and receive the most comprehensive care.

We will help ensure and accomodate both your medical and legal needs.



We can provide:

- case & medical reports

- managed full consultation

- easy appointment services

- massage session arrangements

- state of the art level equipments

- imaging services such as MRI, CT,

   X-Ray, blood test, etc.

   (includes full radiological report)


Our office also provide:

- Affiliated with local medical center, orthopedists, neurologists, pain management doctors, special imaging centers, blood analysis labs, family  doctors, physical therapists, and more

- Provide top quality chiropractic care for acute and chronic pain  management & Auto Accident Injuries

- Provide EKG, EEG, NCV, and other tests with covered insurance

- State of the art electrostimulating equipments

- Kinesiotherapy / Sport taping available