+ International Student Aid.

Totalcare ONE understands the struggles of many international students must go through while they study abroad in the U.S., and we have been keeping close relationship with students from colleges and universities in the past years such as CSULA, USC, UCLA, UCSD, CalTech, PCC, ELAC, GCC, LACC, SMC, etc.

We realize that, many international students commonly pay over $1000 per year for their mandatory health insurances; yet, many international students are unable to utilize its benefits at all because no one really cared to inform them properly.

Many students suffer from neck & shoulder pain to back pain from studying with extensive sitting time. Sometimes they need a source of trustworthy health management or advisement other than from their own school's student health center.

At Totalcare ONE, each student can feel right at home.

We speak & understand your language.                                               Call us today and find out what your student ID can do for you!

International Students can get:

- Chiropractic Adjustments
- Acupuncture & Herb Medicine
- Deep Tissue Massage Therapies

- Tuina & Posture Alignments

- Traction Table Therapy

- E-Stim. & Rehab. Therapies 

- Kinesio/Sport Taping Services

- Sports Injury Care & Mgmt.

- Neuro/Muscular Education

- Skincare & Detox Program
- Weight Loss Consultations and        Healthcare Advisement


We understand that some students have very limited coverages and/or high deductibles for their health insurances.

When deductible is higher than what students can afford, it is often very difficult for them to receive proper medical treatments on time because of the amount of money they have to pay up front.

From witnessing this type of students' struggle way too often, we have decided to give something back to our students.

If you are an international student in need for a medical attention, call us and come in for a consultation to receive your benefits and we will help cover for your insurance with high deductible.

- must be enrolled full-time

- may require referral letter from student health centers