Totalcare One Health Center was founded in 2013 with the caring hearts of doctors and physicians who are not only licensed in the U.S. but also studied & practiced in other global communities including China and Korea with more than 5 to 10 years of experience in their professional fields of expertise.


Our health center is here to provide #1 reliable acute/chronic pain management care with cost-effective, yet most comprehensive treatment that anyone can ask for. 


We volunteer and sponsor our local community with scholarships for college students who excel in their academic achievements every year. We also work to support our local Police & Fire Departments! 


When it comes to find a trustworthy healthcare in the neighborhood, you can rely on us.


318 North Garfield Avenue, Suite A (2nd Floor)

Monterey Park, Califonia 91754


Office: (626)280-2818

     Fax: (626)280-2848


117 West Bellevue Drive, Suite 1

Pasadena, CA 91105


Office: (626)765-6320

     Fax: (626)280-2848

Monterey Park

Pasadena, CA










MRI, CT, X-Ray,

Ultrasound, etc.




Another location within the 

Greater Los Angeles County

to come around 2022.


Office: TBA

     Fax: TBA